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Three dimensional clock

I have a “metric cube” which is a decimeter-sized cube that was used in the 1990s to promote the metric system:


It was useful to hold 90mm discs but could also be used as a 3D ruler to measure length in three dimensions at the same time. One could instead use a 1D ruler three times to do that.

The situation is similar with clocks, or rather stop-clocks, which like stopwatches can measure a movement from beginning to end. One stop-clock could be used to measure the duration of a movement in each direction. But there could be a 3D (or 2D) stop-clock that measures duration in all directions.

Today the easiest way to do that would be a GPS-enabled smartphone with an app to record the duration of movement in each direction, N, S, E, or W. Alternately, a GPS device with an electronic compass and a clock could be used. Or a device attached to a vehicle could measure the speed and duration of movement in each direction.

3D clock

Yes, a 3D clock is possible. You heard it here first.

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