Causes for subjects and objects

This continues posts such as the one here related to Aristotle’s four kinds of cause:

final causeformal cause
efficient causematerial cause

A subject is a form with purposes. An object is a material with mechanisms. Objects exist with space-time. Subjects exist with time-space.

The upper causes apply to subjects, who have final purposes, goals, and destinations, plus formal plans, designs, and routes. The lower causes apply to objects, which have mechanisms and materials, forces and masses. However, subjects can be considered as objects and objects as subjects in some respects.

subjects:final causeformal cause
objects:efficient causematerial cause

Dynamics is the study of why motion happens, whereas kinematics studies only what motion happens. Kinematics is the material for dynamics. The combination of kinematics and dynamics is called mechanics, but this implies that only objects are considered. If subjects are included, then an alternative term is needed, such as hyperdynamics.