iSoul Time has three dimensions

Claims about time, updated

Here is an updated list of claims about time made in this series of blog posts:

  1. Time has 3-dimensions. This is the over-arching claim which is explained and expanded by the other claims.
  2. Time is duration with direction. That is, time is a vector variable similar to a space vector (a distance with a direction).
  3. The magnitude of time is that which is measured by a stopwatch, similar to a length, which has beginning and ending points.
  4. Division of two vectors is a vector with the direction of the numerator, which is why time in the denominator has not been recognized as a vector.
  5. The spatial and temporal perspectives are complementary opposites.
  6. Time has continuous symmetries of homogeneity and isotropy (as does space).
  7. Time and space are symmetric with one another, and so may be conceptually interchanged.
  8. Minkowski spacetime could be expanded to six dimensions, three for time and three for space. The invariant distance could be: (ds)² = (c dtx)² + (c dty)² + (c dtz)² – (drx)² – (dry)² – (drz.
  9. Replacing time with its negation produces a duration in the opposite direction. It does not reverse time or switch past and future.

I am working on a paper that explains and defends these claims.

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