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Consciousness of space and time

If we are blindfolded or are in a room with no light, we still have an awareness of where we are relative to our memory of where we were and our imagination of where we might be. We are always here in relation to there. That is our consciousness of space.

Our consciousness of time is similar. We are always now in relation to then. If we don’t have a clock or other marker of time, we still have a memory of past events and an imagination of future events. We still sense motion and change.

We live in real-time, which is the actual time during which events take place. Time is measured in real-time, unless there is a recording that reproduces what happened and the rate that it happened. The measurement of space does not need real-time. It may be measured at leisure, or whenever. We live in what could be called real-space, which is the actual space in which things exist.

Our consciousness of space and time are often confused with space and time. That is why we need objective definitions and measurements of space and time to avoid confusion. We might also coin different words for the consciousness of space and time, such as cognitime and cognispace, respectively.

The flow of time is a property of the consciousness of time, which seems to flow on like a river. To a lesser extent, the measurement of time by a clock has a kind of flow in that it continues indefinitely, though we can stop it or it can stop on us at any time.

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