Notable webpages

One of the original purposes of a blog was a web log, that is, a log of the interesting sites one has visited. This posting is a list of links to webpages that are notable in some way.

* Voting and Elections *

Approval voting – Voting each candidate yea-or-nea

Demeny voting – This is the idea that parents (or legal guardians) have a proxy vote for their children so that children have a political representation.

2016 Presidential Election Results – No candidate won the popular vote in 2016 since no one received a majority of the votes cast.

Washington Initiative 1000 – Washington State legalizes discrimination based on race, sex, color, ethnicity, age, etc. George Wallace would be pleased

* Reverse Chronological Order *

Medieval cure for modernity – As modernity ends, pre-modernity is looking better

The New Family Violence – Canada criminalizes sanity

A Revolution in Time – Time as a timeline

Truth-telling and Big Abortion – Pro-choice deception

Neo-Segregation at Yale – A new form of racial segregation

It’s time to recognise anti-Christianism – Persecution today

Has the Postmodern Revolution Come Full Circle? – Post-truth politics is failing

Why Science Needs Philosophy – Natural philosophy may return

Christian Girl Sold to Muslim Man Returning Home – Some good news

A Nation Under God – Honoring God without sectarianism

Thousands in Britain left to go blind – Medicine rationing in Britain

Dog breeds are Victorian confections – Doggy people and dog breeds

Critical Infrastructure and EMP Threats – Electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) dangers

Elites have Failed the Working Class – Failure to empathize with the working class

Atheism is Inconsistent with the Scientific Method – Beyond the principle of mediocrity

A Moral Case for Legal Name Change – Feelings over facts: the case for changing your legal age

University of Cambridge’s Shameful Decision – Looking different but thinking exactly alike