Testimony-based science

We’ve heard of evidence-based medicine and science in which test data are the standard of comparison. But what about testimony-based science? This means testimony is the standard of comparison, as is done in courts of law.  A prosecutor cannot just put objects or data in front of a jury.  There must be a witness who introduces the evidence and testifies to where it came from and why it is significant.

Of course, both testimony and evidence/data are forms of evidence/attestation but modern science deprecates testimony as if data are independent of testimony.  An excessive depersonalization characterizes scientific works which obscures their testimonial connection.  There is also a low view of human ability and willingness to provide accurate information.  The older the testimony, the greater the unwillingness of modern science to consider its evidentiary value.  Hence the bias against the Bible.

Creationism requires testimony-based science.  It looks rediculous.to those who only consider data/evidence-based science.  Creationism makes sense only by considering both testimony and data.

September 2012