The Lord is My Shepherd who Takes Care of Me

The Lord is my shepherd who takes care of me.
He makes me to lie down where grasses grow free.
He leads me by waters to drink and digest,
Restoring my soul and giving me rest.

He guides me down paths of the righteous and just
Because of his name, the one whom I trust.
When through a dark valley I can’t see the way,
I will not fear evil for with me you’ll stay.

Your rod and your staff are a comfort to see,
Protecting, correcting, and rescuing me.
You set me a table in front of my foes,
My head is anointed, my cup overflows.

Now truly your goodness and mercy are here
And follow me throughout the life I hold dear.
I go to the Lord’s house again and again;
May there be my dwelling forever. Amen.

Foundation (e.g., How Firm a Foundation)
Gordon (e.g., My Jesus, I Love Thee)

(c) 2009