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A blog is after all short for weblog, which is (or was) a record of what one found on the world wide web. Below are links to online articles that appealed to me for one reason or another.

Edward Feser | The Church permits criticism of popes under certain circumstances

Roger E. Olson | About the Handbook of Denominations in the United States (14th Edition)

Ray Vander Laan | Zealots − The People of the Palm Branch

Carl R. Trueman | Newman for Protestants: How Newman drove me to Geneva

Gene Veith | An Ancient Description of the Early Christians

Roger E. Olson | An Almost Forgotten 20th Century Christian Theologian: Christoph Blumhardt

J.P. Moreland | The Historicity of the New Testament

Leuenberg Agreement

Carl R. Trueman | A Sure Sign of Old Age

Carl R. Trueman | The Most Dangerous Man in Christendom?

Carl R. Trueman | When Is a Lutheran Not a Lutheran?

The Origins of Genesis: Solving the Toledoth Mystery

John A. MacMillan’s Teaching Regarding the Authority of the Believer

Theological Roots of the Word of Faith Movement: New Thought Metaphysics or Classic Faith Movements?

John Frame | Biblical Personalism: Further Thoughts on Scholasticism and Scripture

Bernard Guy | The Last Seven Words of Jesus

Andrew S. Kulikovsky | Scripture and general revelation

Mathew Block | A Rose in Bloom: Luther’s Reformation at 500

Carl R. Trueman | Does Luther Matter?

Mathew Block | Why Lutheran Predestination isn’t Calvinist Predestination

Timothy Paul Jones | Apologetics: How Do We Know Who Wrote the Gospels?

Edward Feser | Classical theism / Thursday, September 30, 2010

Robert W. Jenson | How The World Lost Its Story

Adam Joyce | You Always Begin an Essay (or a Theology) in the Middle: A Review of Stanley Hauerwas’s The Work of Theology

Roger E. Olson | Is Belief in a “Historical Adam” an Essential Christian Belief?

John Frame | Law and Gospel

Ed Feser | How to go to hell

Roger E. Olson | What Is Pentecostalism? What Do Pentecostals Believe?

Roger E. Olson | Getting to the Bottom of Thinking: There Is No “View from Nowhere” (And an Illustration from Differing Beliefs about God)

Roger E. Olson | Needed: A Renewal of “Christian Humanism”

Roger E. Olson | A Christian Humanist Manifesto: God Is Most Satisfied with Us When We Are Most Glorified by Him

Edward W. Klink III | The Theological Necessity of an Historical Interpretation of the Bible

Collin Brendemuehl | Thoughts On Ritschlian Ethics and Modern Liberalism