Word to the wise

This is not intended to be a political blog, but sometimes a warning message needs to be given about where things are going. We don’t like to think our lives will be interrupted by national or international events, but that has happened to many if not most people in the past and there’s no reason why we should be exempt. I see three great dangers now and in the next several years:

1. Terrorism. In a way this is obvious since it gets much news but two aspects make it especially dangerous now: (a) The reluctance of political leaders to tackle the root causes, and (b) the continual morphing of the means of terrorism. These ensure that a half-hearted effort will fail, which is what we continue to see as politicians focus on their domestic agenda. Another 9-11 or worse is all but certain.

2. Dictatorship. We in America have thought we were immune from dictatorship but it is happening before our eyes. This is not a Left vs. Right or political party issue. It is a Constitutional government vs. Dictatorial government issue. It started with the judicial usurpation of politics which has been going on for decades. See here. Now we’re seeing the executive usurpation of politics with the Obama administration taking advantage of — and promoting — legislative stalemate in order to justify stepping in without legislative authorization. And they’re getting away with it.

3. Nuclear war. I grew up during the Cold War when it seemed that mutually assured destruction (MAD) was all that kept the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. from nuclear war. It didn’t happen that way and one reason was that the Communists were rational people, even though they were immoral. But the rise of Vladimir Putin is different: he has no ideology but only his own instincts and desire for power. If he thinks he can win a nuclear war with Europe or the U.S., he is the kind of man that might risk it. That and the proliferation of nuclear weapons makes the likelihood of nuclear war higher now than during the Cold War.

The prudent person sees trouble ahead and hides, but the naive continue on and suffer the consequences. Proverbs 2:23

You have been warned.