Guidelines for addressing controversial issues

Controversies are a staple of today’s world, whether on the news media or the minds of people dealing with changes and counter-changes, or charges and counter-charges. In most cases reporting of controversies is very poor. Partisans have a difficult time even understanding their opponents and make points that are often irrelevant. What follows are some …

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Articles about creationism

Articles about creationism (and intelligent design) almost always misrepresent them for one or more of the following reasons: (1) Articles about creationism don’t quote or reference documents by creationists. Instead they explain what the author thinks creationism is. However, the author is wrong about what creationism is and ends up arguing against a position that …

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Dialogue on induction

Greek Coffee Philario was sitting in the coffee shop, typing into his computer when he saw his friend Hector and greeted him. Philario:  Hi, Hector.  What’s up? Hector:  Well said, Philario.  What is up.  Who is down. Philario:  Are you trying to Costello me? Hector:  I wasn’t Abbott to do that. Philario:  Very funny.  I’m …

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