Creation Chronicle Inferential Models

The confusion and disagreements about creation models shows the need to have accurate terminology. Accordingly, I suggest some standard terminology such as the following to distinguish types of Christian teaching on creation:

The Creation Chronicles (CC) are the actions and events explicitly recorded in the Bible regarding the beginning and earliest years of the created world, especially the chronicles of Genesis 1 to 11.  These are non-negotiable.  Only the most extreme opponents dispute these.

From these come the Creation Chronicle Inferences (CCI), which are the first inferences from the Creation Chronicles such as that the kinds of creatures are fixed in number.  These inferences are foundational principles for all creation models.  Some Christian opponents dispute these.

From the CC and the CCI, various Creation Chronicle Inferential Models (CCIM) are developed, which are the subject of research and debate.  There should be no dogmatism about these models.  Disagreements about these models should be expected.

November 2011