Unity, duality, trinity

Postulates of Motion

Postulate of three: There are three dimensions of the extent of motion.

Postulate of two: There are two measures of the extent of motion, length and duration.

Postulate of one: There is one exchange of space and time.

From the postulate of three comes a non-quantitative three-dimensional geometry of motion.

From the additional postulate of two comes two three-dimensional quantitative geometries of motion.

From the additional postulate of one comes one six-dimensional quantitative geometry of motion.

Being is a unity. Existence is a duality. Reality is a trinity.

There is a unity of being, a duality of existence, and a trinity of reality.

Existence is a distinction within universal being. Reality is an indistinction within universal existence.

Monological thinking begins with an identity. Dialogical thinking begins with a distinction. Trialogical thinking begins with an identity and a distinction.

Universal science is an investigation of the unity of being. Existential science is an investigation of the duality of existence. Ontological science is an investigation of the trinity of reality.

Modern science is universal science; it seeks the unity of being but not the duality of existence. The goal of modern science is unification, a unified theory of the universe.

Monism is a false unity of existence. Idealism and materialism are monisms. Aristotelianism posits a duality of hylomorphic existence: form and matter.

Metaphysics is the study of reality. I am a trinitarian realist. Reality is trinitarian because God is trinitarian.

The Son is eternally proceeding from the Father. The Spirit is eternally proceeding to the Father. The Son is the Word of the Father. The Spirit is the Spirit of the Father.

The Son enacts a cross, a distinction and a command to cross. The Spirit enacts an uncross, a return cross.