literature: lyrics to new hymns and some revisions to old hymns, poetry, and stories

Million-dollar parable

You’re broke. You don’t have enough the pay the rent at the end of the month. If your car breaks down, you can’t afford to have it fixed. Your bank account is almost empty. You’re at the end of your rope. Then an old friend stops by, someone you knew in school who happens to be […]

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Complementary Catholics and Evangelicals

There is a kind of complementarity between Catholics and Evangelicals today. Very briefly, accepting the authority of the Pope is the key to being a Catholic today. There seems to be little else that unites the bewildering variety of Catholics, from Latin mass hard-liners to Marxist liberation theologians and from the superstitious to the intellectuals. Accepting

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The concept of miracle

Theologian Wolfhart Pannenberg made some good points in a short article on miracles; see excerpt below: In the modern history of the dispute between scientists or philosophers calling upon the authority of science on the one hand and Christian theologians on the other, the concept of miracle has become one of the more intricate problems,

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Dialogue on induction

Greek Coffee Philario was sitting in the coffee shop, typing into his computer when he saw his friend Hector and greeted him. Philario:  Hi, Hector.  What’s up? Hector:  Well said, Philario.  What is up.  Who is down. Philario:  Are you trying to Costello me? Hector:  I wasn’t Abbott to do that. Philario:  Very funny.  I’m

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It Could Happen

NEW YORK, 2024 JUL 14. President of the Nations Jack Lever gave his State of the World speech to the United Nations today. President Lever began by listing his accomplishments in the past year. These included making the United Nations’ currency, the Uno, the sovereign currency of every country. Switzerland, the last hold-out, turned over

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God Created Earth and Heaven

God created earth and heaven To begin all history. Angels shouted out with joy when He laid out the world to be Dark and shapeless came the earth, Wet and moving toward its birth. God’s own Spirit softly hovered Over waters as they quivered. Piercing through the silent blackness, God exclaimed, Let there be light!

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